Keeping people safe…

Until we have an effective vaccine for covid 19 the focus for organisations and individuals will be to avoid contagion, protect themselves and others, to save lives.

Effective social distancing is one of the most important measures to that we can put into place to achieve this, keeping people at a safe distance from others, both outside and inside. For organisations, ensuring safe levels of building occupancy is key.

Most organisations have already reacted, reorganising spaces physically to comply with social distancing guidelines. The challenge and next step for them is to deploy technology solutions that enable them to effectively monitor and manage occupancy levels in an automated way, so that they can react to information in real time and plan for the future.

One of the simplest, and most effective of our building occupancy solutions has been developed by IAConnects. Based on the use of zone meters that analyze data on the occupancy level, which are complemented by digital signage, administrators can understand the level of occupancy of a space. Understanding occupancy levels, administrators can decide whether to allow occupants access to certain spaces, as well as notify building services when tasks need to be carried out, for example cleaning after a busy period. The technology is simple and inexpensive, but its functionality is of extremely high value, the benefit being the health and safety of many individuals.

Additional functionality around the use of sensors and video, utilising computer vision to analyse data, also help organsations to ensure that social distancing guidelines are being adhered to by occupants. This type of functionality can be found in the EveryAngle solution that, working in conjunction with Cisco Meraki cameras, is capable of analysing behaviors by Artificial Intelligence, in order to determine if safe distances are being respected and controlling the capacity level of a space.

In this case, the analysis is carried out in an embedded way within the camera itself, to which the necessary algorithm has been introduced to analyse certain behaviors. And this can be very varied, from the aforementioned oriented to the occupation of space, to others more related to the field of security of people and being aware of criminal acts. Therefore it is a highly flexible solution with a very strong development potential.

If we want to overcome the current situation and save lives, technology is our best ally to be able to ensure that everything possible is being done in the most effective way. And in addition, in the future it will allow us to increase functionality in order to cover new use cases and situations that may arise.

Let’s walk towards the future together…respecting social distance.

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Fernando Martin
Smart Spaces | Data Solutions and IoT | Tech Data Europe