Solution Overview

AXIS facial recognition software matches faces taken from real-time video with a database of previously stored images of faces. You categorize the faces in the database based on your application need be it access control, VIP detection, or wanted individuals.


When a face is captured on the camera, the matching takes place in real time, and a match or non-match either allows or denies access, or triggers an alarm alerting pre-determined stakeholders to take appropriate action.

Features and Benefits

  • V.I.P. identification at casinos, hotels or high-end retail stores
  • Detection of wanted persons at airports
  • Integration with access control systems in corporate and commercial buildings
  • Watch- or black listing at stadiums, retail stores or casinos

  • Type of Space
    Indoor, Outdoor
  • Primary Purpose
    Engagement, Analytics/Usage Monitoring, Tracking
  • Connectivity
    WiFi, Wired
  • Maturity
    5 - Customer Deployed at Scale
Products Included

AXIS Q16 Series
AXIS P13 Series
AXIS P33 Series
AXIS F Series
AXIS A8004-VE Network Video Door Station



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