Solution Overview

AXIS Occupancy Estimator lets you determine on average how many people are present in the building or in a certain area at different times of day. Whether it’s a store, mall, convention center or entertainment venue.


You can use the information to understand the flow of people within an area, improve the use of a space, get an indication of the revenue opportunity, improve staff planning, determine optimal opening hours and take measures if too many people are in the building.


Statistics about the average number of visitors to your store or mall can help you plan how many sales and security staff members you need at any given time, ensuring there is adequate security and excellent service while optimizing employee costs.


AXIS Occupancy Estimator is an automated two-way occupancy system that runs embedded in a ceiling-mounted network camera that is installed at doorways.


Cameras with the embedded software can be mounted at every entrance/exit of a designated area and connected in a master-slave set up with a master camera controlling and collecting data from others to provide a complete picture of the occupancy level for the entire building, or for a particular floor or section of the building.


AXIS Occupancy Estimator uses the camera’s CPU and counts in real time the number of people entering and leaving a doorway, calculates the average visit time, and presents information about the number of people in the building or on a certain floor at a given time.


The software provides improved accuracy by continuously calculating an average visit time. The average visit time is then used to filter away counting errors (e.g., missed counts or double counts) that accumulate throughout the day. The result is a better estimation of the occupancy level and average visit time at any given time, as well as a corrected full day analysis at the end of the day.


The program also allows you to set the maximum occupancy level and configure the response when the level exceeds the threshold. Responses can include sending an e-mail or SMS alert, or playing a sound file.


Information about occupancy levels can be displayed directly on an auxiliary monitor.

Features and Benefits

  • Gathers and analyzes occupancy data
  • Indicates number of people in an area and average visit time
  • Improves staff and service planning
  • Based on proven technology

  • Type of Space
  • Primary Purpose
    Analytics/Usage Monitoring
  • Connectivity
    WiFi, Wired
  • Maturity
    5 - Customer Deployed at Scale
Products Included

AXIS Store Reporter Web based Service
AXIS Store Data Manager Software

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