Solution Overview

Informatica MDM – Customer 360 empowers teams with a single view of customers, context of customer interactions, and visibility into customer relationships. Its user-friendly interface and configurable dashboard help simplify the end-to-end process of centrally onboarding, strategically managing, visually exploring, and securely sharing information across the customer lifecycle.


Designed for business users and data stewards, MDM – Customer 360 is a master data-fueled application built on top of the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform. It combines data quality, data integration, business process management, and data-as-a-service in a single solution delivered in your own IT environment or in the cloud.

Customer Challenges

  • Most organizations are challenged by incomplete, inconsistent, duplicated, and fragmented customer data.
  • Customer information is managed across different departments in multiple, siloed systems.

Features and Benefits

Marketing, sales, service, and other customer-facing teams need trusted, relevant, and governed customer data to:


• Deliver personalized, targeted communications that anticipate customer needs
• Discover cross-sell and upsell opportunities that were previously hidden
• Resolve issues quickly, without requiring customers to repeat their concerns
• Recognize top customers and provide premium experiences that aligns to their value
• Accelerate merger and acquisition benefits through better insights into customers and opportunities
across combined businesses
• Understand customers’ relationships with people, places, and things that have an impact on
business goals

  • Primary Purpose
    Engagement, Analytics
  • Solution Maturity
    5 - Customer deployed at scale
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