Solution Overview

Visibility built around most current technology generally offers little more than point-to-point asset tracking.  Using cellular communications to communicate with sensors placed securely on assets, however, overcomes the limitations imposed by infrastructure, which is a feature of most current supply chain management technologies such as RFID, barcode readers and beacons. It can provide ‘real time, all the time’ information, no matter where the asset is – and this will redefine supply chain visibility

Customer Challenges

  • Challenges optimising asset utilisation within supply chain
  • Challenges accounting for goods in transit when dealing with inventory
  • Inability to simply locate lost goods within supply chain
  • Billing discrepancies between supply chain logistics and their customers
  • Monitoring temperature condition of goods in transit

Features and Benefits

  • Provides  data and insight into the supply chain
  • Location and condition of assets in real time
  • Asset utilisation – optimisation
  • Increased Security of high value assets
  • Worldwide connectivity
  • Innovative AI based Battery optimisation

  • Transport Sector
    Logistics / Courier
  • Primary Purpose
    Cost Optimization, Loss Prevention, Tracking
  • Connectivity
    Cellular, GPS
  • Sensors Used
    GPS, Temperature, Accelerometer
  • Supported Integration
    Fleet Management System
  • Solution Maturity
    4 - Demonstrable Solution


Solution Number