Solution Overview

Hitachi Video Analytics for public safety and security provide comprehensive, accurate insights and alerts to help protect communities, buildings, and critical infrastructure.


The industry’s leading real-time video analytics solution, Hitachi Video Analytics (HVA) makes this transformation a reality. Its holistic approach to surveillance, operational efficiency and business intelli-gence addresses privacy concerns, while delivering continuous visibility of data for decision-makers to act quickly and make smarter decisions.


The HVA suite offers a wide range of security and safety analytics for public safety and security operations. By deliver-ing superior video verification of breaches in real time, HVA optimizes videos from remotely monitored sites to enhance visibility for operators and improve event detection


HVA also supports enterprise applications for private and public operations. Consider a plant seeking to monitor and improve manufacturing output, a retailer interested in seeking information on shoppers’ buying habits, or a city looking to invest in a new transportation system. In each scenario, the intelligent data that HVA generates can be used for revenue decision-making.

Features and Benefits

  • Achieve smoother operations with the Intelligence to find efficiencies, reduce waste and increase productivity
  • Improve safety and video security with faster response and smarter planning
  • Drive new business success through insights into customer behavior and preferences
  • Utilize particle analysis and object detection to significantly reduce false-positive incidents
  • Get scenario-based video analytics, built specifically for target use cases
  • Count on clear, continuous images from enhanced video with monitored camera health

  • Type of Space
    Indoor, Outdoor
  • Primary Purpose
    Analytics/Usage Monitoring
  • Connectivity
  • Maturity
    5 - Customer Deployed at Scale


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