Solution Overview

AdvanMirror is a product recommendation and cross-selling system for retail stores, The system uses RFID technology and a touch screen integrated with a mirror to improve the shopping experience of customers at retail stores.


Customers, next to their reflection, see images of the products they have picked up, detailed information about these products and receive product recommendations.


The content and user interface of AdvanMirror can be updated remotely very easily, by means of the AdvanCloud cloud-based software.

Features and Benefits

  • Increases sales at retail stores
  • Increases conversion rate
  • Increases cross-selling
  • Improves the customer shopping experience
  • Provides recommendations
  • Fun to use
  • Advertising space
  • Generates information about user interests
  • The content and user interface can be updated remotely

  • Primary Purpose
    Engagement, Automation, Analytics
  • Connectivity
    WiFi, Wired, RFID
  • Sensor Types
    RFID Tags
  • Solution Maturity
    5 - Customer deployed at scale
Vendors Used
Products Included

RFID technology
Touch screen integrated with a mirror
AdvanCloud cloud-based software

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