Solution Overview

Online retailers have benefited from a rich analysis of traffic through their sites for years, but this has not been something brick and mortar retailers have benefited from until now. The Advantech Store Traffic Analytics Solution users computer vision technology with rich analytics and integration into other store systems to give retailers a true view of customer traffic through their stores, allowing them to evaluate sales potential, enhance their product layout and enrich their marketing strategies for maximizing profit.

UShop SRP-700 integrates 2D and 3D video analysis technology with POS transaction data for further analysis. Analysis of customer traffic data provides retailers with an in-depth knowledge of consumer shopping and purchasing habits, as well as insights into sales performance during periods of high/low traffic for each branch store.


UShop SRP-700 integrates with Advantech 2D and 3D cameras with inbuilt computer vision technology to provide rich analysis of customer behavior and purchasing habits to deliver insights into why store location are or aren't performing.

Customer Challenges

  • Lack of insight into customer behavior in store
  • No ability to capture customer conversion rate in store
  • Lack of store insight limits retailers ability to benchmark one store vs another with the data required.
  • Poor insight into customer traffic and flow does not allow retailers to optimize produce placement and promotions.

Features and Benefits

  • Data integration and analytics
  • Traffic and conversion measurement
  • Cross-store performance benchmark
  • Collect counting data via smart counting devices includes 2D UCAM, 3D UCAM and Wi-Fi analyzer
  • Supports both public and private cloud solution
  • Integrate POS data with people counting
  • Optimize staff allocation & efficiency according to precise periods of high and low traffic times
  • Manage chain stores' operation performances in one platform


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